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DMAC was established in August of the year 1990 by our CEO James Pollock.

The service started with two old ambulances purchased from Kamsack Ambulance in August.

We currently have seven state of the art ambulances and two rover supervisor units.

We provide emergency and non emergency ambulance service to our communities under contract to Saskatchewan Health Authority.

This service is provided with our staff consisting of Advanced Care Paramedics, Primary Care Paramedics, and Emergency Medical Responders. 

We have three administrative staff that run our business office Monday to Friday.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that support our service so we can provide the best care to those in need.

We put the service first and the operator second therefor we staff and equip our ambulances with the best. One of my staff once said to me that they like were working here because we are equipment rich compared to other EMS services. I took that to heart as patients come first.

Without my staff and their commitment to service DMAC and I could not do what we do for our clients.

James Pollock
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